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Getting Started with FitOn
Getting Started with FitOn
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FitOn makes exercise motivating and fun with a one-of-a-kind social experience that lets you interact with fitness pals inside and outside of class, right from your phone. Whether you want to lose weight, tone it up or just sweat, find a better you with friends or solo, with FitOn – fitness on your time.


  • No expensive equipment required

  • Unlimited live & on-demand classes

  • Turn your phone or TV into a virtual gym


  • Cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, pilates, prenatal & postnatal workouts and more

  • Easily browse for a variety of class types, lengths and levels

  • Get personalized fitness plans based on your goals


  • Invite friends to classes and talk to cheer them on

  • Track your progress with workout summaries

  • Live class leaderboard for friendly competition

  • See real-time heart rate using HealthKit + Apple Watch

Get started here:

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