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How can I make my profile private?
How can I make my profile private?

Learn how to manage your profile privacy settings

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Whether you’re new to FitOn or just looking to tighten up your profile’s privacy settings, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to ensure that your information is kept secure and only shared with those you choose.

Is My Profile Information Secure with FitOn?

If you’re new to FitOn, let us start by reassuring you that your profile information is always kept private by default. There’s no need to worry about accidentally sharing too much; only if you choose to add friends will they be able to see a limited amount of your profile information.

If you decide to add a friend, know that they’ll only be able to see your name, location, age decade (20s, 30s, 40s), achievements, workout history, and any post-workout photos you choose to share with them.

Your other profile information—including weight, progress photos, and other personal details—will always remain private and cannot be seen by anyone without your permission.

Managing Your Settings

  • To manage your privacy settings, tap your user icon

  • Then, once you're on your Profile page, click the “Settings” tab

  • Then select “Privacy” from the drop-down menu. This is where you can customize the amount of information you wish to share with your friends and followers if desired.

  • Once you have entered the Privacy setting, you can turn on Incognito by tapping the button across it.

Note: It is on if it has turned to the color blue. If it doesn't have color, it means it is still turned off.

  • Lastly, to make sure that the changes that you made are saved make sure to tap Save.

What if I Still Want to Share Things with My Friends, Just Not All of Them?

If you just want to limit the things you want to share, you can also control who can view your profile information by selecting which friends, or Followers, can see which pieces of information. Feel free to go through each setting one by one to ensure that you’re only sharing what you want with whom you want. Just make sure to click Save after any changes.

We hope this has given you plenty of insight into how you can manage your profile privacy settings on FitOn. If you have any other questions or need additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team!

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