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What TV/streaming devices do you support?
What TV/streaming devices do you support?

Learn which of your devices are compatible to access FitOn

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At FitOn, we understand that a great workout experience means giving our users the option to work out wherever they want. That’s why we’re proud to offer an experience that’s just as great on any of your devices!

Access FitOn on your Mobile

FitOn is currently available on Android & iOS devices:

  • Android: Android 4.4W & above

  • iOS: iOS 11.0 & above (including Apple Watch for real-time heart rate)

Access FitOn on Your Computer

To access FitOn from your desktop or laptop, simply launch your preferred browser and navigate to the FitOn website -

Once the website has loaded, you'll have access to all the same features and content that are available in our mobile app. Enjoy streaming our workout classes, dynamic nutrition plans, guided meditations, and more wherever you are.

Access FitOn on your TV Apps

The FitOn app is now available on a variety of smart TVs and streaming devices, which means you can now access our library of workouts and classes from the comfort of your own home, simply by plugging in your device and downloading the app!

  • Apple TV: FitOn has arrived on Apple TV! Simply search for “fiton” on your Apple TV / App Store app – learn more

  • Roku: FitOn has arrived in Roku! Simply search for the “fiton” channel on your Roku or add us through the website.

  • Amazon FireTV: FitOn has arrived on Amazon FireTV! Simply search for “fiton” on your FireTV

  • Google TV: FitOn has arrived on Google TV! Simply search for “fiton” on your Google TV

Access FitOn via TV Casting

FitOn makes it easy to take your workouts to the big screen. Enjoy your favorite FitOn classes on the biggest display in your home or gym by streaming to your TV screen.

  • Apple TV (iOS via Airplay)

  • Samsung Smart TV (iOS – Airplay w/ 2018 or newer TVs) – learn more

  • LG Smart TV (Android / iOS – Airplay w/ 2019 or newer TVs) – learn more

  • Amazon FireTV or FireTV Stick (Android & iOS)

  • Chromecast (Android & iOS)

  • Roku (Android) – learn more

  • Roku (iOS via Airplay) – learn more

  • Or screen mirror from your iOS device to your TV using a lightning to HDMI adapter – buy here

Now you can enjoy your favorite classes on the largest display in your home or gym.

In order to stream workouts to your device, FitOn does require an Internet connection over WiFi or 4G/5G/LTE. You can also download our workouts for offline access with FitOn PRO.

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