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How to link your Garmin device?
How to link your Garmin device?

Learn How to Link Your Garmin Device to FitOn App

Updated over a week ago

Garmin integration is one of the many features of our FitOn PRO premium service which you can learn more about here. With FitOn PRO, you can sync your FitOn workouts with Garmin Connect so you can track, review and share your workouts easily. To use this feature, you’ll need to sync your FitOn and Garmin accounts while connected to your Wi-Fi network.

To link your Garmin device, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Profile by tapping your user icon

  2. Tap the Settings icon

  3. Tap on the Garmin app icon at the top

  4. After you have tapped the Garmin icon, you will be prompted to do 2 steps. Under Step 1, tap "INSTALL APP"

  5. You will be prompted to turn your Bluetooth on to continue. Just tap on "OK"

  6. In step 2, you will be directed to and sign - in to your account to allow Garmin to share information to the FitOn app. You will be automatically redirected back once it's done.

Once your FitOn and Garmin accounts are connected, your workouts will automatically sync after each training session. You’ll then be able to view and analyze your FitOn workouts in Garmin Connect. If at any time you’d like to turn off the connection between these accounts, you can do so via the same settings page.

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