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How can I request a refund for FitOn PRO?
How can I request a refund for FitOn PRO?
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In addition to our always free workouts, we do offer FitOn PRO which is a premium service that includes a number of features to help you get results faster:

  • Exclusive fitness programs

  • Personalized meal plans & 500+ recipes

  • Premium music from top artists

  • Unlimited offline downloads

  • HR zones with your Apple, Fitbit, Garmin or Samsung watch

If you subscribed to FitOn PRO on Android please contact us and provide the original purchase receipt and/or order number starting with “GPA”.

If you subscribed on iOS please contact Apple Support directly to request a refund (here). Apple handles your payment directly through your iTunes account and doesn’t pass your payment information to FitOn so we are unfortunately unable to assist with refund requests.

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