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How do I set up a challenge for my employees?
How do I set up a challenge for my employees?
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Build a challenge for your employees by setting a goal to complete a specific number of workouts to help motivate everyone. Start by inviting your employees as friends through the Friend tab using the invite feature in the top right corner of the screen.

Follow these steps to create & share a challenge:

  1. Go to Workouts > Challenges > See All

  2. Tap on the “Add Challenge” button at the bottom of the screen

  3. Add a name, description, photo (optional)

  4. Select options for the type of challenge you want to create

  5. (Optional) Select specific workouts

  6. Finish & invite your employees to join by:

    1. Sharing the link to the company group that has been created for you

    2. Sharing the link via Chat

    3. Email the challenge link out to your employees

  7. After everyone joins you’ll receive notifications as they complete workouts for the challenge

Challenge Options

  • Private

    • ON: Only visible to you & your employees you invite

    • OFF: Available for anyone on FitOn to join

  • Select Workouts

    • YES: Select specific workouts for the challenge

    • NO: Set # of workouts (any workout counts)

  • Time Limit

    • NO: Challenge continues until you complete the goal, no time limit

    • YES: Select a Start Date and then choose the end date either by selecting a Specific Date or a Time Interval (30 days, 4 weeks, 1 month, etc.)

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