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I’m just starting to workout, how can I find easier workouts?
I’m just starting to workout, how can I find easier workouts?

Learn how to select the best work out for a beginner like you

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Once you have access to the app or the FitOn website, you will be able to browse through our wide selection of programs and classes that would fit your needs. However, if you are just starting to work out do not worry because FitOn has categories that should work for you. Check out the tips below to better access the workout intended for you:

Select a Program or Class That Suits Your Ability Level

Choosing the right workout to start with is the most important step in your FitOn journey. The level of difficulty of each program or class is clearly labeled, so you can decide on a routine that matches perfectly with your current ability. If you aren’t sure what level fits you best, consider trying one of our beginner classes.

  • Once you've signed in to the app, you would immediately get offered beginner workouts under the For You tab

  • If you want to browse for more options, you may tap on the Workouts tab

  • Tap on the search bar and type "beginner" to see all the available beginner videos

  • You may change what you enter in the search tab depending on what type of workout you are looking for

Adjusting Intensity in the Workout Tab

Are you looking for a workout that will get your heart pumping and challenge you? Trying to increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts? No worries, adjusting the intensity in the Workout tab is simple.

  • First, open the FitOn app.

  • Find the "Workout" tab at the bottom of the screen. If the intensity is what you want to adjust or look for, just scroll down under the Workout tab. You'll see the different levels of workout intensity available.

  • Find and tap on the level of intensity that works for you. This will show you the different workouts you can do at your selected intensity level.

Read Program/Class Descriptions Thoroughly

When you start looking for the best exercises, make sure to read everything you need to know about the program/class before joining. Look for details such as location, equipment needed, skills necessary, intensity level, and time commitment.

Any workout you select from the Workout tab counts towards your weekly workout goal so don’t hesitate to choose another workout if you feel like doing something different. Now that you know how to use the Workout tab, you can get started on finding the perfect workout for your body and goals.

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