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How to link your Samsung watch?
How to link your Samsung watch?

Learn How to Connect Your Samsung Watch to FitOn App

Updated over a week ago

Samsung Watch integration is one of the many benefits offered in our FitOn PRO premium service (learn more). This service is only available for Android devices.

Samsung Watch 4 and 5 Integration

At FitOn, we are constantly striving to provide our users with the best experience. Unfortunately, we are still working on bringing Samsung Watch 4 and 5, which uses the new Wear OS, integration to our FitOn PRO users. We hope to soon offer this feature.

To link your Samsung watch, please follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure that you have the Galaxy Wearable app downloaded on your phone

  2. Go to Profile by tapping on your user icon

  3. From there, find and tap the Settings icon

  4. Once open, tap on the Samsung app at the top

  5. You will be prompted to tap on ‘Connect’

  6. Select Install App then follow the prompts to install the FitOn app on your watch

  7. Open the app on your mobile device first and then the watch app

    NOTE: If you have not yet installed the Galaxy Wearable app before connecting Samsung with FitOn, you will be prompted to install it to continue. Just follow the prompts afterward to continue.

You only have to complete this process once and after you link your device you simply need to open the FitOn watch app on your watch before starting a workout to stream real-time heart rate & compete on our leaderboard.

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