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PRO: How can I adjust music during a workout?
PRO: How can I adjust music during a workout?
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All workouts include our "Original" royalty free music station. If you want to hear the latest hits from top artists - upgrade to FitOn PRO to access 8 Premium Music stations and get complete control over your workout music experience.

Here are answers to common music questions:

1. Why can’t I hear the music over the trainer’s voice?

First, try turning up the volume on your device. If it still doesn’t work force close & reopen the app to resume the workout.

2. How do I adjust the music and/or trainer’s volume?

Premium Music provides you with the ability to control the the relative volume of the music & trainer’s voice. During your workout simply tap the screen to access the video controls, tap Premium Music and then adjust the volume using the slider on the bottom left.

3. Why can’t I play Premium Music through Chromecast with my iPhone?

Premium Music works with AppleTV via Airplay but not with Chromecast due to limitations on that platform. When casting to Chromecast the workout defaults back to playing our Original music station. As soon as the platform is updated to allow us to stream both the workout video & premium music we will update our apps to add support.

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